putting in new batteries to a vibrator is like:



robduran82: Beautiful, sexxxy, and soooo dam yummy!!!!! Love it ;) Rob....


The process - no makeup, foundation, contouring and blush, eyeshadow and brows, liners and mascara, lipstick.

Anonymous: in the makeup process pics your eyebrows get higher in each pic

Uhhh nope. It’s an optical illusion. Watch the distance between my eyelashes and the bottom edge of the brow / inner corner of my eye and the inner bottom corner of the brow. Keep in mind that my head is moving upwards in each frame too. Everything I’m doing is to make my eyes will appear larger and more dramatic, so the illusion is mega calculated and kind of my goal. So… thanks?

yourladyinwaiting replied to your photo โ€œliving for this polish โ€

Ooooooooh. What is it?

Color Club’s Blue Heaven!

living for this polish ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’•


'Jesus Christ Superstar' - 1973

So oh my gosh guys, wondercon was amazing. And look who I ran into! kristineirl as Kiki! What a couple of hotties.
I’ll be adding more photos as I find em!

Baring All: A tale of inhabiting this body and looking cute in the process


Thrift-o-Rama getting a little more raw and heavy (ha) than usual. Trigger warnings for mental illness, body image. But also a life update. That waxes a bit poetic, sorry. And also a lot of pictures of this really really great swimmy suit.

thriftorama, you are a goddess. Not only is the suit is amaaaaaazing (and you are so freaking stunning in it!), you’re a real role model.
Pls, do yourselves a favor and read and follow this total babe.

Time for the charm bomb to explode!

Tina Belcher is officially on her way to Wondercon!

Anonymous: How are you this afternoon?

Good! A little stressed cause I’m getting ready to debut my Tina cosplay at Wondercon today. But everything’s going smoothly so far!



These were the sources of some of my biggest insecurities before I thought to ask myself how they could possibly dictate my worth.

They dictate how bad i wanna put my dick in ya

You are a nauseating creep and a prime example of how disgusting men can be. Not to mention, you’re clearly undeserving (and incapable) of human interaction of any kind.
Go fuck yourself.

Also, ps - OMFG yessssss!