Going for that mean girl vibe

dorkinthefreakkingdom: are you a makeup science/witch lady?

yes. I am.

mostlyamazing replied to your post: anonymous asked:You have really N…

tiana? pocahontas?

I mean latina leading characters. Or even just characters at all.

Anonymous: You have really Nice lips ans when i saw your makeup pic set i was like "omg for halloween she should be Audrey from that Disney Atlantis cartoon" and idk i thought i'd share.

OH MY GOD I love Audrey. Waaay back when that movie was about to come out I got to be in like a test audience so I have very fond memories of it. But hell yeah for disney FINALLY having a latina character - especially a woman that was a mechanic! Now if only there was a brown princess……… lol jk they’ll never do that unless they can copyright a fucking sacred holiday.

Anonymous: How do you get all that redness out of your face? I've tried so many different methods of foundation, concealers,powerders, tinted moisturizers, and nothing I do gets rid of the red, and if it does get rid of the red, it doesn't match the rest of my skintone and i look ridiculous. :( :(

The foundation that I use is Revlon Color Stay and I loooove it for covering redness and acne. If your neck and chest both have a red tone to them, you’ll want a foundation with pink undertones anyway so that everything matches. And remember too that after I covered everything up I had to go back in and add in more pinks to make sure my face didn’t look too flat. I add pink to the very tip of my nose, chin and a tiny bit on my forehead so it all looks more natural.
I have a tutorial here on how I do that look if that gives you a better idea!

The process - no makeup, foundation, contouring and blush, eyeshadow and brows, liners and mascara, lipstick.

Omg I had the best time with zitadevi and our dudes last night making fun of horribly sexist comedians and trying to drink covertly in public. Spoiler alert - I’m bad at it.

Here’s the official Wondercon lineup for next weekend - Saturday is Fallout with Carlos and Sunday is Tina Belcher.
If any of you are going, please say hi if you see me!

Anonymous: I just had another stalk through your selfies (because I do that periodically because you're so pretty and make me feel better about myself) and am struck by how jealous I am of your weather it looks SO SUNNY and hot now I wanna go on holiday :(

First of all, oh my gosh thank you so much! As far as the weather, ohhhhh man it’s too hot most the time. I much prefer grey and drizzly/rainy days, so let’s switch!

Helllllp! I can’t pick a hat for the Fallout cosplay at Wondercon!
Should I go for the party hat, pre-war bonnet or Boone’s beret? Fiance is gonna be wearing a party hat so I dunno if I should mix it up orrrrrr what. Help!

Anonymous: Wow okay fan mail time. I thought you were ridiculously cool and then I read your "about me" and it says you like pacific rim and THAT LEVEL OF COOLNESS SHOULD BE ILLEGAL

whoaaaaaaa thank you anon!

Anonymous: I wanted to know how you're so confident? When and HOW did you find it? I've marked myself anon since I lack so much confidence, but when I see you, all I wish is that I had only a fraction of the beauty and confidence that you do.. to be yourself and not be afraid of what others might think. Irl, I never wear anything but jeans and leggings because I hate my legs so much.. and I refuse to wear clothes that are too tight. Is it possible for me to change that? How should I start trying?

It’s absolutely possible for anyone! Being on tumblr is what did it. I crafted a dash that was filled with love and support and fat bodies. I looked at myself more often and took more pictures. I also know I’ll slip up sometimes so I’m not so hard on myself when it happens. Most of all, I fake the confidence. I’m a super nervous person, so I don’t think the paranoia of everyone disliking me will go away, but I can cope with it a lot easier and I think that’s the main thing. Go slowly and know that you deserve to be kind to yourself.